Travel photoshoots in Seville

Enjoy a travel photoshoot in Seville with Pixitours. Explore and remember Seville as you never would have dreamed. Seville is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, not that we say it, but the millions of travelers that come here every year.

What could be better than getting lost in the gardens of the Real Alcázar in Seville with one of our photographers? Or falling in love with the Cathedral of Seville? At Pixitours, we invite you to visit these nooks and cranies with us. Ask your photographer which locations fit you more, and he will adapt the photoshoot to be exactly how you want it. Either you are traveling solo, with your partner or family, or maybe you are planning a bachelorette party, we have selected each specialist for each kind of traveler. We suggest that you relax with a photographic walk through María Luisa Park and get to know the Plaza de España where we will take incredible portraits.

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For express travelers

The Pixitours Express experiences are designer for those traveler who has a lot of things to do and a lot of places to go.

Are you traveling alone?

Pixitours is your ideal partner to forget about the selfie and make travel pictures up to your desires!

You may be traveling with your family or your kids?

In that case, offer a break to the “picture taker” of the family and stress just over bringing your best smile. You and your family will love it!

For premium visitors

The Pixitours premium experiences are designed for special moments. 

Are you tired of never having a good picture with your special someone? Pixitours is here to help you take home the digital album that you deserve.

You can give to your special person an unforgettable present. It can be a romantic walk under the moon or a surprise secret proposal that will create a magic moment.

Imagine a scenario where you could give your bestie a memory forever of her bachelorette party. You are lucky, with Pixitours, you can!

What kind of traveler are you?


Are you traveling alone? Pixitours is your perfect ally to forget about the selfie and create memories up to your expectations!


You can finally be together in a picture without having to ask someone to take your photo!


Give a break to the “photographer” of the family and worry only about bringing your best smile. You and your family will love it!


What if you could give the bride a memory forever of her bachelorette party? Now with Pixitours, you can!

Are you looking for a different occasion?

Discover Seville in a Unique Way

viajera yoga sevilla

In addition, you can walk through the streets of the Jewish quarter and breathe history while our photographers capture the moment to last forever.

Go ahead and ask them what things to do and where to eat, according to your needs and taste; they will help you to make your experience in Seville unforgettable and, not only for the photos!

For now, here are some more clues about what you cannot miss in Seville:

  • Go up to the Giralda
  • Have an orange wine at Taberna El Perejil
  • Try the tasty Solomillo al marqués of Casablanca (yes, we love eating)
  • Walk during sunset by the Guadalquivir river, from the Torre del Oro to the Isabel II (Puente de Triana) bridge
  • Check our where Velázquez was born
  • Go up to Metropol Parasol (las setas)
  • Visit one of the Casa Palacio that are spread out around the city center
  • And, if you still have time, go for a day trip to Córdoba!¡ (let us know if you would like a photographer there too=) )
viajero solo sevilla

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