Most Frequent Asked Questions

Have you booked a pixitour? Then you may have some doubts about what to wear, where to meet, what happens if the weather is not as good as usual… Have a look at this page! We will be answering all your doubts!

Our locations are in Sevilla, Barcelona and Madrid

We can reschedule the photoshoot or give to you 100% refund

You should wear your own style, but we recommend you to check our TIPS post to see how to dress properly for each city you are in!

Very easy, once you booked, meet your photographer at the place and time you arranged and just bring your best smile! Him/her will guide you throught the walk and direct your poses!

We have selected the best photographer for each kind of session so choose the session that goes better with you and you will have the perfect match!

We have two different packages, 45 mins shooting and 2 hour shootings, we also do personalized ones if you just ask!

Just wait a bit till the pictures are ready and here comes the best, you will receive a digital album for you to choose and download the pictures.

Depending on the package you chose you will receive a number of pictures but you can always buy more for an extra fee-

The photographer will wait for you 30 mins after that, we assume that you are not showing up (unless you communicate with your photographer) and we will have to leave the meeting point. Unless the reason is justifiable we will not be able to issue a refund (since the photographer cost is already done)

They will have to pay 10 euros per person since they will be doing the tour itself.

Check your package to see specifically what is included

If it is the photographers choice you don’t need to pay extra, if you ask for it you will have to pay for the extra time

Depending on your package, you can also always get a 24 hrs editing for an extra fee, ask us!

You can book up to 24 hours before your photoshoot.

Of course! check your sessions pictures or follow us on instagram! our portfolio is all one since we have the same style! @pixitours

If you dont find what you are looking for go contact us here or send us a private message in our instagram